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Ancient Romans used banners as military standards when marching off to war and conquest, and we all know how successful they were in expanding their empire! The Roman name for banner was vexillum, meaning “little sail”, and they had the practical use of keeping troops organized and motivated, whilst at the same time intimidating the enemy with the awesomeness of their bling! Those Romans already knew a thing or two about dominating the competition! But they were not the first to use banners as military standards – banners are even mentioned in the Old Testament.


Banners are very versatile. Economical to produce, they are fantastic for temporary applications, but also durable enough for medium to long-term use. Want economical and almost instant signage? Banners are there for you! Want your brand or message fluttering gallantly in the breeze? Banners will do that for you too! Banners can be used to great effect both inside and outdoors. They can be bolted to a wall or hung from a pole, zip-tied to a construction fence or screwed to a hoarding, tied to a tent or clamped to a scaffold. Attached to two poles, banners can be carried in processions and parades, to the delight of participant and onlooker alike.


Whether it’s an outdoor event banner, an indoor sales banner, a retractable banner (also called pull-up or pop-up banner), a trade show banner, or any other customized banner, Colourmark Print will work with you to produce the best banner to meet your needs. We can design for you, or use your supplied design, and we’ll ensure that the banner is right for your application. Colourmark Print will also install for you.


Colourmark Print can print banners up to 10 feet wide by virtually any length! Banners can be made from a range of materials, indoor and outdoor grade vinyl in various weights and consistencies, mesh, or fabric. Banners can be seamed, sewn or welded for durable edges, and are often fitted with brass grommets for easy installation.


Pull-up banners

Pull-up banners, pop-up banners, roll-up banners, retractable banners or banner stands, whatever you call them, they are very popular, and with good reason. The banner is easily pulled out of the base and set up with the supplied support pole. After use, it retracts into the light-weight base, and the whole thing goes into a canvas bag for easy carrying and safe storage. Economical and quick to produce, they are easy to set up and take down wherever you need your message to be! Most banners measure 34"x79" however there is a full range of sizes available from 34" to 60" wide and 79" to 120" tall. Colourmark Print offers retractable banners in various sizes and styles, starting at a very budget-friendly price point!


Backdrop banners

Backdrops are a great way to take an event from ordinary to impressive. They also let you insinuate your branding into all the event photos taken by reporters, fans and attendees! Whether it is an impactful visual and verbal message for a press conference or a step and repeat for a red-carpet event, backdrops are the perfect touch. Custom themes are ideal for people taking photos at weddings, office parties and much more. With the surge of video communications such as Zoom in these times, many are turning to printed backdrops to present a professional appearance when working in a home office setting, or holding press conferences remotely.

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