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Business cards are such an elemental an important part of business or institutional branding and sales outreach that they get their own separate page! Business cards are a part of the category of business stationery, but because they are handed out all the time, they merit some special attention. There is two kinds of people, it seems: those who have their business cards with them at all times and are constantly handing them out to new prospects, and those who seem to be always mumbling some excuse as to why they don’t have one to give to you. We can assure you that if you have a fantastic business card, one that really fits your branding and message, you’ll want to have them with you at all times and make good use of them!

To most people, business cards are an ordinary and unassuming business accoutrement. Everyone has business cards, naturally, and it’s so easy to take them for granted. Yet that would be a mistake! Measuring a mere 3.5 by 2 inches, business cards are small but mighty! Because they are so small, so much more care and thought has to go into their overall look and feel. Yes, “feel” is as important as look. Because business cards usually pass from hand to hand (there is a whole realm of etiquette regarding this ritual), the tactile qualities of a business card can make a big difference. It’s so easy to subtly make an outstanding impression with such elements as velvet laminated “soft touch” cards on thicker stock with spot gloss UV, or triple thick business cards with coloured edges and rounded corners, to name just two examples. Business cards can be die-cut, foil-stamped, etched or embossed; they can be printed on card stock, metallic laminate, translucent synthetic foil or fully recycled stock. There are so many options to make you business card really special, that they are too numerous to list here. Even if you opt for “nothing fancy”, good design and imaginative use of colour and type can make all the difference in the impression your business card will make on your behalf. Colourmark Print’s graphic design team is always on hand to guide you through the multitude of choices and make sure you can be proud and confident when passing your card to a customer or prospect.

At Colourmark Print we are asked to print business cards just about on a daily basis. We have amassed a great deal of experience in how best to leverage this oft overlooked but mighty little rectangle of visual real estate. Clients often need their business cards extremely urgently (could it be because they don’t value business cards as much as they perhaps should?), for a trade show, business trip or important meeting, so it’s very fortunate that we also have a next business day delivery option for those times when you find yourself caught short. Don’t have a design? Not to worry, Colourmark’s team of design professionals will work with you to quickly and efficiently create a design that will be perfect for your needs. Do you happen to need a logo with that? We love creating logos, and can’t wait to wow you with our creativity!

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