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Letters and shapes are cut out of adhesive vinyl and applied to various surfaces, typically windows, but also walls and vehicles. Quick, easy and economical, this should be everybody’s go-to to maximize their branding and/or advertising reach using existing surfaces (e.g. windows, mirrors, walls, vehicles, etc.). Cut vinyl on your windows should be one of the first things you install to establish your presence, and all the more so if you’re on a really tight budget.


Vehicle cut vinyl signage merits a separate mention here, as it is a quick and inexpensive way to transform your vehicle into a rolling billboard for your advertising. One can see many vehicles whilst driving that have some letters stuck on them by the owner of the small business, which gives the impression of a small and unprofessional business. The owner recognizes the wisdom in using their vehicle to advertise their business, but hasn’t yet understood how a little consultation from a professional sign maker, and even a graphic designer (we have one on staff at all times!), will get their message across so much more effectively! It’s truly money well invested!


Most people think of lettering when they visualize cut vinyl, but the medium is a lot more versatile than that. Sure, cut vinyl is unparalleled for putting your name, branding message, hours of operation or “SALE” notice up on your windows, but it can also be used to produce stunning and original visual effects, such as shapes, streamers, dot patterns (à la Lichtenstein, for instance) or lace. With cut vinyl, the only limitation is your imagination! 


Colourmark Print can produce cut vinyl in almost any size, and in multiple layers of rich, non-fading colours. Colourmark Print can also print the vinyl with images in full vibrant colour on our state of the art Epson SureColor roll-to-roll printer before cutting it on our Summa S-class cutter. With Colourmark Print’s extensive experience, installation is prompt, accurate and professional. Cut vinyl is easy to remove, and can be updated or partially modified without much effort.


Window Frosting

In many offices, rooms are partitioned off with floor-to-ceiling tempered glass, which makes for an impressive overall impression of airy modern aesthetics, but can make the occupants of an office feel like they are working in a goldfish bowl. To make a space more private, a removable frosted film can be applied to existing window surfaces. Frosted film may also be cut to give the impression of etched letters or visual elements for an inexpensive way to add a classy touch to your windows, doors or side-lights. Dots added at eye level help prevent people from walking into glass plate (it’s only funny in the movies!). Silhouettes of birds of prey can help prevent bird fatalities on outside windows.


Architectural films

There is a wide range of architectural films available to enhance the functionality and utility of your windows with tints and UV coatings to regulate heat and light transfer. These applications are typically not cut, but applied over the whole window surface.


Let Colourmark Print be your guide to making the most of cut vinyl in all its many-splendoured glory. Call Colourmark Print today for a free consultation!

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