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Creating and setting up a display or booth for a trade show, special event, or conference is usually a daunting task, even for seasoned pros. You are establishing a presence in a new space, a beachhead, a way to stand out amidst the competition. You need to entice attendees into your newly created space and keep them there long enough to deliver your message. When they leave, they should take with them a favourable impression, memorable enough to last beyond the event.


The sheer number and variety of different options, variations and models on offer at a range of price points is mind-numbing and can well be overwhelming. New models of trade show booths, displays, event tents, backdrops, banner stands, pop-ups and accessories are being developed all the time, to add to your choices, but also to add to the challenge of choosing the right set-ups. That’s where an experienced consultant such as ColourMark Print will be of untold value to guide you through the veritable jungle of different manufacturers, makes, models and styles.


Be it printed aluminum, vinyl wallpaper, stretched museum quality canvasses, photo-prints face-mounted under acrylic, archival giclée prints, or Plak-mounted prints, Colourmark Print has an attractive range of art offerings to enhance your display. Our super-sized flatbed printer enables us to print on just about any rigid surface, from 120”x 60” art on aluminum, right down to your welcome mat or concrete tabletop! Our state of the art nine-colour ink jet printers can print on canvas, archival paper, photo paper, self-adhesive vinyl and more.


Banners are printed on durable vinyl and are a great way to enhance your presence at an event. They are seamed and grommeted for easy hanging, and provide a dramatic greeting or backdrop up to 10 feet wide by virtually unlimited length. They can be affixed to a wall, indoors or out, hung from the ceiling, or attached to a pole or light mast with special holders.


Pull-up banners are very popular and with good reason. They have many names: pop-up banners, roll-up banners, retractable banners or banner stands. The banner is easily pulled out of the base and set up with the supplied support pole. After use, it retracts into the lightweight base, and the whole thing goes into a canvas bag for easy carrying and safe storage. Economical and quick to produce, they are easy to set up and take down wherever you need your message to be! The outstanding feature of these banners is that they are portable, housed in a stable base, taking up minimal space when travelling. Most banners measure 34"x79" however there is a full range of sizes available from 34" to 60" wide and 79" to 120" tall. With proper care, they can be used over and over, and can give years of satisfaction. Colourmark Print offers retractable banners in various sizes and styles, starting at a very budget-friendly price point!


Backdrops are a great way to take an event from ordinary to impressive. They also let you insinuate your branding into all the event photos taken by reporters, fans and attendees! Whether it is an impactful visual and verbal message for a press conference or a step and repeat for a red-carpet event, backdrops are the perfect touch. Custom themes are ideal for people taking photos at grand openings, weddings, product launches, office parties and much more. With the surge of video communications such as Zoom in these times, many are turning to printed backdrops to present a professional appearance when working in a home office setting, or holding press conferences remotely

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