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Before you can start with production of anything, you need a file to print from, and for that you need to engage in some way with graphic design. Graphic design is visual communication, usually on a flat surface and usually for mass distribution, using a combination of text, colours, images and various other graphic elements.


Most people think of graphic design as a working knowledge of design and layout software, but in truth it is so much more. As a wise person once said: “The software that really matters is the one between your ears!” Of course, any graphic designer must have absolute mastery of the relevant design programs, that is a given (just as every Formula-1 driver will know how to drive a car), but that’s just the starting point. A really good graphic designer will have a deep knowledge of typography, colour theory, semiotics, geometry, production processes, and even some psychology. A graphic designer working in a sign shop will also know all the production processes relevant to sign-making, and how to prepare a file that will image and output correctly. A good graphic designer will also be a great listener, and really try to understand the aspirations, visions and objectives that motivate a client.


There’s no denying that we live in a visually very busy world. As hard as you are trying to attract the attention of your target demographic, rest assured that your competition is trying every bit as hard! It will come as no surprise, then, to learn that we humans have developed some very sophisticated defenses against the onslaught of all that visual clutter out there in the world. To penetrate these defenses and attract the attention of potential customers requires all the skill and know-how a talented and experienced graphic designer can muster. To convert this attention, usually fleeting, into serious interest, and possibly even a sale, demands, concerted, persistent, and repeated efforts in all available media.


At Colourmark Print we have a trained graphic designer with decades of experience on staff full time. So don’t worry if you don’t have a design ready for your sign, banner or business card -- relax and let us handle the design work for you. Even if you only have a vague idea, bring us your napkin sketches and your thoughts, and discover how easily they can be brought to the final stage. We will exceed your expectations, and together with you find the exact design solution you need. We can even design a logo and brand new branding package for you! Even if you have a completed design, and your files are print-ready and good to go, it’s comforting to know that there’s a graphic designer involved in production at the sign shop, making sure everything images perfectly.


Well versed in typography, photography, iconography, and illustration, Colourmark Print’s graphic design team has accumulated decades of experience creating logos, brand packages, posters, business stationery, wall murals, point of purchase materials, pictograms, wayfinding systems, T-shirts, packaging, trade show displays, tent cards, site signs, brochures, fliers, booklets, storefront signs, labels, decals, greeting cards and much more.

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