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The final step! Once your sign has been designed, printed, fabricated and finished, it still needs to be installed. In this phase of your project, as always, there are many options to choose from, with more and more innovative materials and processes coming online all the time. Will the sign be embedded in concrete, on metal or wooden posts/frames, or on brackets mounted to a building’s wall? What is the best location for visibility? Will the sign be temporary or designed to last for many years? Will you need a lighting system installed and hooked up? Many questions need to be considered carefully and answered intelligently.

At Colourmark Print, we assist clients with choosing a strategic placement to maximize exposure for their signage, and the installation method that’s right for them. We install quickly, efficiently and safely. We take care of making sure no utilities’ services will be affected (“call before you dig”), and procure permits where necessary. Whether it takes a bucket truck, boom lift, scissor lift, post-hole digger, we have the experience and resources to get your sign in place and looking great, on time and on budget. If needed, Colourmark Print will remove any existing signage and remediate existing walls, hardscaping, landscaping or other structures, so the new sign can go in and everything look perfect.

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