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Does your office look too much like everyone else’s? Do “drab” and “boring” involuntarily come to mind as you enter your workspace? 


Do you wish your home had some elegant and sophisticated focal points to brighten up your mood and impress your guests? 


We bet you never thought your local sign-maker could help — with many different options, plus the expertise to advise you and the capability to see the project through to the final install. The vast amounts of experience and know-how Colourmark Print has acquired over the years can be harnessed to beautify your interior space, be it for your business or home.


Be it printed aluminum, vinyl wallpaper, stretched museum quality canvasses, photo-prints face-mounted under acrylic, archival giclée prints, or Plak-mounted prints, Colourmark Print has brightened the work and home spaces of numerous satisfied clients. Our super-sized flatbed printer enables us to print on just about any rigid surface, from 120”x 60” art on aluminum, right down to your welcome mat or concrete tabletop! Our state of the art nine-colour ink jet printers can print to canvas, archival paper, photo paper, self-adhesive vinyl and more.


For your storefront or office, we can provide edge-to-edge wall murals, smooth photo prints under sleek acrylic, or art printed directly onto metal. 


We will work with you to make your domicile and office a pleasure to work in and a joy to come home to!


Fine Art Prints

Our fine art prints, sometime also called Giclée Prints, deserve a special mention. Printed on our Epson photographic printers, our fine art prints have a gorgeous continuous tone with vibrant colours in a wide gamut. The fine art papers, 325gsm weight, is not only acid, lignin and chlorine free, it is also pH buffered with calcium carbonate for a true archival art print. If your favorite photos are nice but looking a little dull, our in-house photo expert will tweak the colours and tonal range to make your photos pop (or to airbrush out that annoying person in the background).


Poster Prints

Print out your favorite posters to jazz up your rec room entertainment space, or let us help you make your own! Colourmark Print’s in-house graphic designer has endless experience in poster design.


Wooden Signs

For your wet bar, saloon or pool hall, your rec room, man cave or nursery, or for your cottage, chalet or garden, wooden signs are a unique and tactile way to add character to your favorite space. 



Murals give you the chance to make a really BIG statement! Harnessing the awesome visual impact of huge art gives you the power to make a meaningful and memorable connection with your customers and clients! A super-power that is unique to visual images is the ability to connect with the viewer on a deeper, sub-conscious level, bypassing all the defenses of the intellect. In this way, the right image, correctly executed, can do more to forge a bond with your target audience than a thousand, or even ten thousand clever words. A mural is defined as: “a painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall”. This can be a painting, a photo, or a photo-collage, or simply words assembled in a “word cloud”. The possibilities are endless and exciting! At Colourmark Print, we create very large strips of vinyl “wallpaper” to cover all or part of your wall. A mural may also be made from cut vinyl applied directly to the wall. Equally effective indoors or outdoors, murals can be used to beautify a hallway, energize a lobby, display an artwork, warm up a room with decoration, improve employee morale, or extend your brand to dominate a space. Murals can be bright and bold, or soft and sophisticated; they can get in your face and demand attention or subtly influence the atmosphere of a room.

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