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Lightboxes are among the more economical options among the illuminated signs that are available. Lightboxes are boxes made from sheet metal with a translucent acrylic or polycarbonate face on which cut vinyl letters or printed vinyl is applied. Bright lights, either fluorescent tubes or LEDs (light emitting diodes) within the box project light through the translucent face, making the sign visible at night or in low-light situations. Lightboxes are usually rectangular, but can also be manufactured as a specific shape.


Illuminated signs have become the norm in today’s urban and suburban sign environment. Without an illuminated sign your businesses essentially becomes invisible at the onset of dusk, whilst your competition is asserting its presence in the visual space around the clock. 


The Colourmark Print team has decades of experience in creating lighted sign-boxes, and will guide you to the perfect solution for your illuminate signage needs. Our expertise and experience extends to installation and electrical hook-up as well. Don’t have a design? Not to worry, Colourmark’s team of design professionals will work with you to quickly and efficiently create a design that you’ll be delighted with for years.

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