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Murals give you the chance to make a really BIG statement! Harnessing the awesome visual impact of huge art gives you the power to make a meaningful and memorable connection with your customers and clients! Murals can stand out and completely dominate a street-scape, and they can even become a landmark in their own right. A super-power that is unique to visual images is the ability to connect with the viewer on a deeper, sub-conscious level, bypassing all the defenses of the intellect. In this way, the right image, correctly executed, can do more to forge a bond with your target audience than a thousand, or even ten thousand clever words.


A mural is defined as: “a painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall”. This can be a painting, a photo, or a photo-collage, or simply words assembled in a “word cloud”. The possibilities are endless and exciting! At Colourmark Print, we create very large strips of vinyl “wallpaper” to cover all or part of your wall. A mural may also be made from cut vinyl applied directly to the wall. Equally effective indoors or outdoors, murals can be used to beautify a hallway, energize a lobby, display an artwork, warm up a room with decoration, improve employee morale, or extend your brand to dominate a space. Murals can be bright and bold, or soft and sophisticated; they can get in your face and demand attention or subtly influence the atmosphere of a room.


Sometimes, a storefront’s windows are not needed as such, and are not useful to the business or conducive to privacy. Windows such as these can be covered with vinyl, which changes them from being a window that you can see through to being more like a wall made of glass that can carry your branding or messaging to the outside world, and also towards the interior space, if appropriate.  This also applies to large glass inside a space: sometimes the openness is not suitable for your needs, and can easily be changed into a surface that can carry an image or message.


At Colourmark Print, we recommend that a UV-resistant film be laminated to your murals to keep them looking beautiful longer, through wind and sun and weather, and also to make them washable. They can be made of removable or permanent self-adhesive vinyl.

Are you excited by the possibilities that murals present, but unsure what to put on your wall(s)? Murals can be quite intimidating, as they are so large and dominant, and every flaw and blemish is magnified. Not to worry – our design team will consult with you and guide you to the imagery and messaging that’s tailor-made and right for your needs. Colourmark Print even has a professional illustrator on staff whose images have been published on every inhabited continent of this planet! If you have just a rough concept or sketch that needs to be digitized as a fully realized art file, bring it to Colourmark Print -- that’s what we do!

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