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Colourmark makes signs of all kinds. More importantly, we make you look good. When you need affordable, high-quality, effective business signage, we are your solution!

Exterior Signage

Your exterior signage is saying hello to potential and existing customers 24/7. Not only are signs extremely hardworking, they’re indispensable. The best-laid business plan is no good if nobody knows you exist.

Signs are crucial for getting the attention of potential customers, establishing your presence on the street, and directing traffic into our space. Your signs are communicating with your existing and potential customers all the time, day and night. Exterior signs are the workhorses of marketing communications. Go into any urban environment and look around you — you’ll see dozens, if not hundreds, of signs, all competing for attention. At Colourmark Print we understand the importance of having the best signs possible (without breaking the bank!). Signs provide information — your opening hours, your phone number, what your business is about — but they communicate your personality too, as well as your philosophy and the value proposition you offer your clients.

Board signs, light boxes, back-lit signs, channel letters, pylon signs, cut vinyl, so many sign options are available that it can be a little overwhelming to know which is right for you. Colourmark Print will guide you to the signage solution that’s right for you, based on your business, aspirations, physical presence and budget. The simplest vinyl banner is still better than no sign at all.

Custom Vinyl Window Film

The quickest, most cost-effective way to put all those windows (and other surfaces) to work spreading your message. Windows and walls can be covered with printed vinyl.

Window Frosting

To make a space more private, a removable frosted film can be applied to existing window surfaces. The frosting may also be cut to give the impression of etched letters or visual elements, or just dots at eye level to prevent people from walking into a glass wall!

Cut Vinyl

Just as the name implies, letters and shapes are cut out of vinyl and applied to various surfaces, typically windows, but also walls and vehicles. Quick, easy and economical — “cheap and cheerful”! Colourmark Print can produce cut vinyl in just about any size, and in multiple layers and colours. Colourmark Print can also print the vinyl on our state of the art Epson SureColor roll-to-roll printer before cutting it on our Summa S-class cutter.

Window Clings

Custom vinyl window clings are designed to hold firmly to glass but can peel off easily without leaving a film. Decorate windows, mirrors, appliances, and any other smooth surface. Each window cling is printed in full colour and cut to fit the shape of the design. Window clings are perfect for temporary seasonal promotions or for longer term requirements. They can be produced to be placed either inside or outside.

Portable and moveable signage

Colourmark Print has ample experience providing sidewalk signs and yard signs: A-frame signs, H-stake lawn signs, banners, flags and more, allow you to fine-tune your signage to your dynamic and changing needs.

Traffic signs

If you are in charge of any kind of property, chances are you’ll need some kind of traffic signage, even if it’s just “No Parking” signs. At Colourmark Print we do so much traffic signage on an ongoing basis that it’s become a routine. Even so, we still manage to make something new and different now and then, like custom-designed traffic signs!

Temporary signs

As our lives and businesses are ever evolving, never static, always dynamic, we need temporary signs from time to time. Signs that re-direct traffic and people, advise of renovation and construction, inform about upcoming events and developments. Signs that can be procured quickly and at low cost are ideal for our rapidly changing lives: lawn signs, vinyl murals and displays, Coroplast signs on construction fences, banners , cut vinyl--the choices are many. Colourmark Print has the experience to guide you to the temporary signage solution that fits your needs perfectly and doesn’t strain your budget.

Colourmark Print has experience in these types of signage and more: Address Signs, A-frame Signs, Awning Signs, Blade Signs, Channel Letters, Dimensional Letters, Display Signs, Flag Signs, Hanging Signs, Menu Signs, Monument Signs, Pole Signs, Promotional Displays, Pylon Signs, Sidewalk Signs, Storefront Signs, Lawn Signs, Traffic Signs, Wayfinding Signs.

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