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Wayfinding refers to visual information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. Wayfinding will get people to where they need to be smoothly and seamlessly, all the while enhancing the visual ambience of the space(s) it’s directing through, and even establishing a brand presence where appropriate. Wayfinding is critically important in complex built environments such as urban centers, healthcare and educational campuses, and transportation facilities. Even in suburban and rural settings wayfinding can be important, for example in towns, parks and nature trails. In fact, our entire mapping system is nothing more than a very large wayfinding scheme.

All of us have experienced how vitally important good wayfinding systems are, be it at the airport, train station, shopping mall, parking garage, nature trail, museum, or hospital. We have all known the frustration of not finding the doctor’s office, rendez-vous point to meet a loved one, or merely a parked car! Inadequate wayfinding can ruin your experience of a place, make you miss your flight, cause you to get lost in the wild, or even be life threatening when seconds count in a medical emergency. Good wayfinding will have done its job perfectly if users don’t consciously realize it’s there at all, but will all the same arrive at their destination smoothly and feel a subtle sub-conscious positivity towards the space. Wayfinding is complex system, made up of map displays, directional signposts, colour coded pathways, landmarks, verbal and visual clues, mnemonic devices, and location identifiers. A big challenge is presented when wayfinding systems need to be retro-actively installed, either because they were neglected in the initial planning, or, more often, because tenants and demands on a space have changed from the original intended purpose. The danger is that systems become a hodge-podge of ad hoc added signage, which become more confusing and thus less effective as the original system’s integrity is eroded.

Did we mention that wayfinding signage, apart from being vital in making the human flow within your space(s) work, is an unparalleled opportunity to put your aesthetic imprint on a space and infuse it with your branding? Wayfinding affords you the means to spread your visual messaging throughout an entire space or series of spaces, allowing your branding to reach as far as your wayfinding extends. The choice of different types of sign materials, combinations, colours and textures is truly dizzying, and more and more different options are being developed all the time. Let an experienced team like Colourmark Print guide you through the maze of choices to the solution that’s right for you.

Colormark Print has training and experience in creating and implementing wayfinding systems, in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Whether you require us to put up new room identifiers, or design a complete system, Colourmark Print is up to the challenge. We can fit new wayfinding elements into existing systems intelligently and seamlessly. We can guide your visitors, customers and employees efficiently to where they need to be and infuse the systems with your branding and aesthetic values while doing so. For a free consultation, don’t hesitate to give Colourmak Print a call, and be amazed at the insights we have to offer!

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