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Remember going on a road trip with mom and dad, sitting in the back seat carefully applying stickers to your scrap-book? Remember sealing an envelope to a pen-pal or loved one with a few pretty stickers, or that return address sticker that made your letter look important? At Colourmark Print, we try to infuse our labels and decals with the same excitement! Who doesn’t love a brightly coloured sticker that can be stuck anywhere and to anything!


Labels and decals are as varied and versatile as they are useful. Use them to identify the contents of a container, to warn of danger, to edify and delight, and to extend your branding to any and every object. Use them on vehicles, on promotional campaigns, to personalize gift items, jazz up your next event, or on your tools and equipment. Stickers can also be very useful when there’s a mistake to be covered up (it wouldn’t happen to you, of course, but it has happened to other people plenty of times!) They range in size from very small to very large (once they reach a certain size, we call them murals!) Because stickers can be applied anywhere, they are great forgetting your brand or messages into all kinds of spaces and nooks and crannies where they might attract the attention of some passing eyeballs (of course, Colourmark Print does not encourage or endorse any kind of illegal or inappropriate stickering!)


Labels are usually printed on self-adhesive paper and intended for indoor use. Decals are printed on a synthetic substrate such as vinyl and can be applied indoors or outdoors. There are many kinds of vinyl media, depending on the end use. Box labels are generally printed on an economy vinyl, whereas equipment labels require an aggressive adhesive to be applied to powder coated surfaces. Floor decals require a special skid proof lamination to comply with safety codes. Window decals can also be printed on a material called window cling, which uses surface tension instead of adhesive, and which will stay on your window for as long as it’s needed, but can be peeled off easily and without leaving any adhesive residue. Decals on glass can be printed on optically clear material for subtle and sophisticated effects. Labels can be square-cut, or rounded shapes, or even any kind of custom-shape you require. Our graphic designer draws the shape in a vector-based design software and it’s then cut on our state of the art Summa cutter. They can be produced one or two at a time, or in runs of several thousand, or even tens of thousands.


For a free consultation, don’t hesitate to give Colourmak Print a call, and you’ll see how easy it is to get your labels and decals in your hands and ready to stick anywhere! We do labels and decals just about every single day, and our experience with this product line is extensive. Don’t have a design? Not to worry, Colourmark’s team of design professionals will work with you to quickly and efficiently create a design that will be perfect for your needs. 

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