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Lawn signs are very useful when you need to get your message out in multiple outdoor and street-side locations quickly and economically. Lawn signs are sometimes also called yard signs and are usually placed on lawns or in peoples’ yards or on the right-of-way along streets so they can easily be seen by pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Typical uses are municipal announcements (notice of application, notice of consent), election signs (advertising party candidates), event signs (weddings, craft shows, bbq’s, yard sales, festivals), for sale signs (real estate, vehicles, etc.), or contractor and business services.


Lawn signs are printed on durable corrugated plastic, which is usually called by its trade name, Coroplast, and comes in various thickness, the most common being 4 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm. Of these, the 4 mm thickness is the most popular; the thicker sheets usually being used for larger signs. Colourmark Print can print Coroplast sheets up to a size of 5 feet by 10 feet! At larger sizes, the sign is usually mounted to a sub-structure such as a fence, on a custom-built wooden A-frame, or between to u-channel steel posts, and is no longer called a lawn sign. Coroplast is light-weight but very strong, as it has a hollow core structure, and is made of polypropylene. The technical name for Coroplast is fluted polypropylene sheet. Wire stakes shaped roughly like the letter “H”, are fitted into the flutes of the 4mm Coroplast, and pushed into the ground using one’s foot. Installation is easy and takes about 5 seconds. This makes lawn signs popular for short events, such as open houses, events or yard sales. Plastic stakes are also available for a fancier look, but the wire stakes are by far the most popular option. Lawn signs are most often 24”x 18” in size, and can be printed single- or double-sided. The printing is done on Colourmark Print’s mighty Agfa Titan flat bed printer, using special UV and weather-resistant inks. With proper care, lawn signs will last for years, can be used over and over again, and quickly and easily moved from one location to another. Due to their light weight, lawn signs are easy to transport in the trunk of a car once the H-stakes have been slid out to transport separately. Lawn signs can also be supplied with grommets in the corners for easy hanging, or installation on chain link fences, etc.


Colourmark Print has the capacity to print lawn signs direct to Coroplast rapidly and economically. Our mighty Agfa Titan flatbed printer prints lawn signs at breakneck speed, which means that you get your lawn signs at an unbeatable price and in record time. Colourmark Print has extensive experience producing lawn signs in quantity for clients in Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and beyond. If you have more questions about lawn signs, do not hesitate to call Colourmark Print – we have an answer for each of your queries. If you don’t have a print file, our team of designer will create one for you quickly and at a friendly price.

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